Understanding Tax Credit Strategies

Claim More Rebates, Credits, Incentives, and Rewards to Promote Your Business

Did you know that in 2018, Amazon paid zero income tax and received 129M in rebates? It’s because they utilize the power of tax credits and government incentives.

The same laws & regulations used by large U.S. corporations are available to small and mid-sized local businesses. In other words, business owners are fully entitled but never apply.

If your business is entitled to large amounts of money, don’t you want to find out? Multiple federal and state incentives are available for businesses.

Join us for Understanding Tax Credit Strategies to learn what questions you should be asking, who to ask, and where to file for incentives to help you get back the money you deserve.

Learn from Ted Lavin

Ted Lavin is the President of Incentives Credit Advocate. Incentives Credit Advocate is in partnership with Business Incentives Solutions. BIS has been processing R&D Credits since 2004 and outsources their Customer Service and Business Development to I C Advocate. I C Advocate processes Employee Retention Tax Credits “ERTC” in-house. Ted manages all aspects of the operations and business development.

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