Beyond the 401k - Tax Savings Strategies for Business Owners

Unlock Tax Savings for Your Business!

re you a business owner in search of high-impact tax strategies for 2023 and beyond? Look no further! Our experts will show you how to maximize your deductions and keep more of your hard-earned money.

As a business owner, you may not be fully utilizing all the high-impact tax strategies available to you. Beyond the 401k, there are numerous qualified plans that favor business owners. Learn how to put away millions of dollars with deductions and leave your worries about back-end taxes behind.

High labor and non-labor costs eating into your profits? Our webinar will provide tailored solutions to help you optimize your expenses and boost your bottom line.

Keeping your top talent engaged and loyal is crucial for business success. We have innovative ideas to help you retain your valuable employees and foster a thriving workplace culture.

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Meet S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO)

Ryan Foncannon, MBA is an award-winning Advanced Tax Strategist and Private Wealth Advisor at S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO). He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal. He won an award for being one of the top Advanced Tax Strategists in the nation at the Money 2.0 conference in December 2022. He also was recognized as the Top Retirement Planner for the State of Indiana with the Wealth & Finance Magazine, for 2023. He is a major problem solver for business owners, high wage w-2 earners, and high net worth individuals & their families. His diverse background in insurance, advanced tax reduction, wealth management, financing, and business advisory allow him to bring unique strategies to the table for his clients. He looks at the whole picture, while other advisors are more transactional, another way he allows his clients to 'Sleep Well At Night'.

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Lower Insurance Costs, Boost Retirement Savings, and Create New Revenue Streams

Let’s not forget about YOU! Business owners often need high-impact strategies for their personal returns too. Discover how to optimize your 1040 or personal return and reduce your tax liability.

Did you know you can lower your insurance costs, redirect the savings into retirement, and even create new sources of revenue for your services? Join us to uncover these game-changing opportunities.

Don't miss out on this chance to revolutionize your business's financial landscape. Reserve your spot now, and let us guide you toward financial success and security.

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