How to Defer Taxes on Highly Appreciated Assets

Save Money by Deferring Taxes on Highly Appreciated Assets!

Owners of highly appreciated assets are reluctant to sell because of the capital gain taxes. With the Deferred Sales Trust™, we can provide a potential solution. The DST can defer capital gains taxes on the sale of almost any type of highly appreciated asset including businesses & professional practices, commercial real estate, investment properties, high-end primary residences, major stock positions, and very valuable artwork and collectibles, among other things

Meet Ryan Foncannon

Ryan Foncannon, MBA is an award winning Advanced Tax Strategist and Private Wealth Advisor at S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO). Where S.W.A.N. stands for ‘Sleep Well At Night’ and is our guiding force for each client. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal. He is nationally recognized as an advanced tax strategist. He also was recognized as the Top Retirement Planner for the State of Indiana with the Wealth & Finance Magazine, for 2023. He is a major problem solver for business owners, high wage w-2 earners, and high net worth individuals & their families. HIs diverse background in insurance, advanced tax reduction, wealth management, financing, and business advisory allow him to bring unique strategies to the table for his clients. He looks at the whole picture, while other advisors are more transactional. Another way he allows his clients to Sleep Well At Night.

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S.W.A.N. Virtual Family Office (VFO)

During this webinar, you will learn how to defer taxes on highly appreciated assets! This is great for business brokers, to increase commissions. This is also a great strategy for tax professionals, real estate professionals, real estate investors, and attorneys to know about. This strategy is for anyone thinking about selling a highly appreciated asset, but has been worried about paying the large amount of taxes. You can also use this on a personal residence. Come learn how this little known strategy works.