6 Key Aspects of Business Advice – Part 1

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We believe that 80% of straightforward, no-nonsense, strategic advice can be summed up in just 6 Key Areas of Business Advice.

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Service Separation
We’ve identified 5 potential answers to address why customers buy a product or service to help business owners determine where to focus their efforts. In our experience, 99% of service-based businesses will strategically benefit from having different people accountable and responsible for providing either one service or the other – but never both.

4 Ways to Grow A Business
By following a logical approach to strategic growth planning – and understanding that there are Only 4 Ways to Grow a Business (Win New Customers, More Transactions, Increase Average Transaction Value, or Increase Efficiency), you can dramatically increase your chances of Maximizing Business Potential.

7 Areas of Waste & Inefficiency
Brainstorm and identify where (and why) waste and inefficiency are impacting your business. Most businesses discover that if they properly brainstorm the 7 waste areas – in less than 2 to 3 hours – they can usually identify between 50-100 problem areas for potential improvement.

Paul Latham will explain how to hone your business’s strategic focus, growth focus, and efficiency focus using the areas outlined above.

Meet Your Host, Paul Latham

Paul is a serial entrepreneur who qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Latham Crossley and Davis (which eventually became Lathams Chartered Accountants), becoming a Partner in 1986 and Head of Business Services in 1993.

Whilst at Lathams, Paul started to develop the business planning process which is today at the core of The Hayden Rock System. Those processes were developed with the aim of helping business owners to Clarify Direction and Maximize Business Potential. When Lathams was sold to Tenon Group PLC in 2001, Paul became the National Head of Business Planning at Tenon.

Paul left Tenon to become Finance Director at Debt Free Direct Group PLC where he was a Founding Director in taking the business "Public".

Paul emigrated to the USA in 2011 and has developed several business interests, including being a Founding Member of HaydenRock Solutions and Elite Mastermind (which today is all incorporated as the Elite Resource Team).

Today Paul specializes in helping business owners to:
-Create a clear vision
-Build an engaging purpose (or business mission)
-Help professional partnerships create a succession strategy
-Create a strong value proposition
-Define clear service level separation (and "stop doing too much for the money")
-Create a standard customer service framework (to help shape your business brand)

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