6 Key Aspects of Business Advice – Part 2

Ask Paul

Join us for 6 Key Aspects of Business Advice – Part 2 to learn more about how to hone your business’s strategic growth and efficiency focus:

In the past, if you wanted to grow your business, then you used more physical or tangible resources – like machinery, buildings, and employed people. That was how businesses delivered growth.

Today, there has been a huge shift towards the use of intangible resources to deliver growth. We focus on virtual premises, technology, and sub-contracting.

Learn from Paul Latham how the power of implementing intangible resources can grow your business efficiently and effectively in the 21st century.

What you can measure, you can manage.

Business owners must decide what activities really matter inside their business (their definitions of success). They need to be clear about what activities team members should be concentrating on – and find a way to measure them as a KPI – regardless of the difficulty.

Learn from Paul Latham how to measure what matters to drive the right behavior and business profits in Part 5 of the 6 Key Areas of Business Success.

If a business owner can engage their team, they can leverage their potential – they can grow profits significantly and build business value.

To do so, business owners need to change their traditional thinking – adopt a 21st Century leadership style – consistently applied by their management team – and concentrate on the 4 Key Leadership “Weapons”.

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Meet Your Host, Paul Latham

Paul is a serial entrepreneur who qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Latham Crossley and Davis (which eventually became Lathams Chartered Accountants), becoming a Partner in 1986 and Head of Business Services in 1993.

Whilst at Lathams, Paul started to develop the business planning process which is today at the core of The Hayden Rock System TM. Those processes were developed with the aim of helping business owners to Clarify Direction and Maximize Business Potential. When Lathams was sold to Tenon Group Pie in 2001, Paul became National Head of Business Planning at Tenon.

Paul left Tenon to become Finance Director at Debt Free Direct Group Pie where he was a Founding Director in taking the business "Public".

Paul emigrated to the USA in 2011 and has developed several business interests, including being a Founding Member of HaydenRock Solutions and Elite Mastermind, both of which are today part of Elite Resource Team.

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