Enhance Your Business - Business Owner Benefit Plans and Employee Retention Plans

Enhance Your Business

Interested in creating a more efficient structure to finance plan liabilities? Want to provide consistency in premiums or death benefits across all insureds? Looking to streamline insurability and eliminate medical underwriting?

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Explore the differences and benefits of Company-Owned Life Insurance and Aggregate funding, and find out which option is best for your business and why.

Meet Your Host, Marc Davis

Mr. Davis is an e-commerce pioneer, having initiated its implementation for a major retail group. Marc later transitioned to Director of a technology solutions company, where he created, led, and developed the organizational structure for various functional areas such as business development, operations, and client experience.

During this time, the company grew to over $30M in revenue and serviced a significant US market share. In 2019, Marc joined Andy McBride to establish The Atticus Group. Together, they embarked on a mission to adapt and implement employee alignment and retention strategies for businesses and suppliers, typically only found in large corporations. Their approach addresses companies’ challenges in attracting, retaining, and rewarding key talent.

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